Case studies

Set out below is an overview of two specific case studies


Working with a particular client, CIS became a real issue. Having not recognised its requirement to operate CIS, it faced a potential liability in region of c£3m (excluding interest and penalties). Having reviewed the position and following a voluntary disclosure we were able to agreeing a settlement with HMRC in the grand amount of £0.

Employment tax

A client had undertaken a review of its self-employed workers and established that there were some individuals who, perhaps, should have been paid as employees, under PAYE and NIC, as opposed to self-employed workers. The potential liability in relation to the PAYE and NIC that the company should have accounted for amounted to c£700k. We assisted the client with a voluntary disclosure and sought to reduce the potential exposure, making full use of legislation and our experience. The result of which was a settlement of c£350k.