EmphaCIS strongly believes that technology has a crucial role to play in helping employers comply with increasingly more complex and challenging rules and processes in the employment tax space. With the ongoing digitisation of tax this trend is set to accelerate.

We are working with partners in the technology area to create a series of tools that perform key compliance tasks – and critically that share information to maximise the value they deliver to you.

Common areas in which we are developing solutions:

  • P11D reporting, including via payroll & reflecting the correct value under the new Optional Remuneration rules
  • Assistance with the PSA process; utilising Machine Based Learning to help reduce the time taken to comply the PSA report and improve both its accuracy and your audit trail
  • Tools to monitor compliance with Permanent Workplace rules; and to help identify out of policy mileage claims
  • Tools to administer, via payroll, Employee Car Ownership and Cash Optimisation schemes.
  • Tools to assist in identifying short term business travellers.

EmphaCIS has teamed up with partners who build software solutions in the space. We work with them to identify opportunities for technology to support compliance and ease related administration. With over 50 years of experience combined in developing software within the Big-4 employment tax area – we are perfectly placed to bring genuinely new ideas to market at this time of significant change.

EmphaCIS would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your technology and related needs.